bejibeji - olomi

by ronald augusto

festival in the ocean folks
swarming over the waters of the great mother
sacred ground seized by thighs crowned
by bass-hips rapturous
living frock propped on
its own hem
flowing from bosom down to ankles
licking against her curves
lubricated always resuming
wandering lady mistress over sparkling flowers
smoothly extricates herself
dancing a honey-flowing fancy
white flamed phlegm
green petals one foot before another
eye drawing out to cast on shore just
what is kept at her eyes level
incessant go-go (baggage carousel)
or as if perched on a procession chariot
suspended above pain and adoration
sinewy serene siren
conveyer plummeting identical toy
boats objects from street craft fairs
spawning of trinkets
on the clear beach
courtesan of all moons iwas verses vortices
sweet smelling baroque buttocks
her hips justify her epithet:
earth shaker
naked armpit polished as a shell
in its hollowed inside
if homer had met yoruba yemanja
perhaps he would have fashioned a sweeter
ocean for odysseus son of laertes

in Callaloo, vol. 30, number 2 (2007), translated by Isis McElroy

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Anonymous said…
tenta escrever em português que talvez mais gente entenda o que quer dizer.

i mean it.

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